Warehouse Management

Cardinal Hosted Logistics™ now offers a robust, proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) that meets the unique needs of traditional warehousing and cross-docking while providing complete Order Management (OMS) capabilities, including scheduling deliveries, route planning and interactive voice call-outs.

Cardinal’s WMS Suite will allow you to closely monitor your products, optimize inbound and outbound deliveries, streamline your product throughput times, significantly reduce your storage and inventory requirements, and improve customer satisfaction.

The additional built-in functionality of an OMS will assist you in planning deliveries and scheduling of customers. Also, you may integrate with Cardinal’s route optimization tools, as well as integration with outside services and applications that support status messaging and order life cycle visibility.

When paired with the Service Manager and Route Monitor, the Warehouse Management System offers complete visibility of products and orders throughout the supply chain for your internal staff as well as your clients.

The Cardinal Hosted Logistics Advantage

  • Experienced IT/MIS Professionals (many with years of operational experience)
  • Dynamic Workflow® customizable solutions
  • State of the art technology
  • Product visibility through complete warehouse life cycle, from order entry through warehousing, routing and delivery
  • Supports non-tracked and tracked SKU models
  • Supports direct picking and FIFO models
  • Maintains accurate inventory counts to the location and SKU levels
  • Management of inventory for allocation, pick, pack and shipping
  • Significantly reduces product cycle throughput time
  • Improves customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery windows
  • Reduces storage requirements and inventory investments
  • Conveyor and roller automation available
  • Cross utilization of handheld devices (both WMS and CAT capable)
  • OMS and Virtual Inventory Only solutions