Cardinal Service Request

Cardinal Service Request is a tool that allows your customers to request pickups and deliveries online using a secure login and password. Once a customer submits a request the Cardinal Service Manager allows your dispatcher to assign the job to a driver real time.


  • Customers have a quick and easy way to request pickups and deliveries
  • E-mail or phone text alerts can be set up when new request are entered to allow dispatchers to quickly assign work to drivers in the area
  • Site offers some customization depending your business needs and the needs of your customers
Customers may enter pickup/delivery information and special notes for the dispatcher to see before assigning the request or for the driver to see on the handheld. Item information can be customized for each customer or auto populated based on your business. Fields may include, but are not limited to: reference number, PO, quantity, weight, product descriptions or box dimensions.
The customer has a chance to preview the information before submitting the request. If requested, an email with tracking information will be sent to your customer and always sent to anyone who needs to be alerted when a new request is received.
Information on the barcode can be customized depending on the customer’s requirements.
The request will populate a pickup (LLD) and delivery (LUL) as an open request in the Service Manager. The system can be customized to reference important shipping information to assist in assigning recommended routes, for example zip codes and route numbers.