Is the rising cost of fuel making you think twice about route efficiency?
Are you maximizing your drivers’ hours of service?
Could you optimize your loads better?
What if you had a system with the capability of completing
your routing in only a few minutes while maximizing all of your resources?

Cardinal Hosted Logistics™ is proud to be a partner of Appian DirectRoute™ from TMW Systems. DirectRoute is both a strategic (design) and tactical (daily operations) fleet optimization system. It can be configured to take into account virtually any domicile, loading, delivery, equipment or routing restraint while optimizing fleet resources.

Because Cardinal has integrated DirectRoute with the OMS, TMW and Service Manager, it is an incredibly flexible application and allows Cardinal or the customer to manage routing.

Cardinal Hosted Logistics™ offers complete set up and hosting; thus, removing the costly and time-consuming process of setting up the network infrastructure and personnel normally associated with implementing and maintaining a routing system.