Handheld Solutions

Do you need to upgrade your handhelds without loading up your balance sheet? Do you have multiple customers, each with different requirements? Would your operation benefit from an application that reminds drivers of specific delivery rules for each stop? Do you want one device to serve all purposes effectively?

Cardinal is the only company offering scanning, signature capture and Dynamic Workflow® in one device that can also be used as a phone.

The Cardinal Activity Tracker (CAT) is our handheld solution that offers:

CAT provides drivers and service technicians with an intuitive application that is easy to learn and use. Using Dynamic Workflow®, which allows for customized steps, CAT prompts the user for the required information at the appropriate stage in each delivery or service. Each delivery can have a different set of actions depending on the profile set for the stop type or location. Whether a basic or complex set, you will have the information you need to keep your customers informed about their orders and happy with your service.

With many software solutions available, it is easy to become overwhelmed by cost and functionality. Yet, Cardinal’s handheld solution is available at a fraction of the cost of typical solutions with abundant benefits. Your chain of custody controls will be tighter and better documented. When operations are run efficiently, you will see a reduction in shrink and improved customer satisfaction based on better tracking.