Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation Announces SaaS Offering

Concord, NC – (April 15, 2011) — Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation, a leading dedicated transportation solution provider, announces its dedicated technology solutions are now available as Software as a Service (SaaS) under the name Cardinal Hosted Logistics.

Cardinal Hosted Logistics offers companies the ability to customize technology solutions for the supply chain at a fraction of the cost of typical solutions. Cardinal’s SaaS includes Fleet Management, Warehouse Management, Courier Management, Order Management, Integrated Voice Technologies, Routing and Scheduling, and EDI/XML Transmissions. Cardinal’s Driver Handheld Solution offers status updates, electronic signature capture, dynamic workflow exception code logging, scanning, GPS and cell phone capabilities.

“Cardinal Logistics is preparing for the future of supply chain management” said Jerry Bowman, president and COO of Cardinal. “Our advanced integrated software is designed to handle the unexpected and reduce the risk of potential errors.”

Cardinal designed these integrated solutions to meet the varying needs of its operations and customers, and because of the internal success, Cardinal now offers its solutions throughout the industry. Requirements and feedback are continually gathered from the end-users – dispatchers, warehouse employees, drivers and customers – and used to make improvements as needs change.

Hazen Transport, a Michigan-based fleet of more than 250 units, has implemented Cardinal Hosted Logistics’ solutions and successfully fulfilled the integration requirements of Office Depot.

Rick Palmer, President of Hazen Transport said, “Cardinal not only provided a solution that allowed Hazen to exceed the needs of its customers, they did it on time, the implementation was flawless, and it has greatly increased my potential customer base.”

Cardinal Hosted Logistics’ solutions are user-friendly, flexible and reliable for a wide variety of customers. Instead of providing a unified ERP-type solution, which attempts to do all things for all people but does none of them well, Cardinal offers its customers the ability to choose only those applications that are important for their business. Each piece, which can stand alone or be a part of a larger solution, is designed with its end user in mind.

For more information, please contact Steven Reichert at or 704-786-6125 x5172.

About Hazen Transport

Hazen Transport was opened in 1992 as an affiliated company of Palmer Moving and Storage, a 100-year-old company founded by the Palmer family built on quality and value to its customers. Hazen Transport provides final mile delivery in twenty two locations throughout the United States.

About Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation

 Headquartered in Concord, NC, Cardinal is one of the country’s leading dedicated transportation solution providers. Cardinal’s logistics experts work directly with clients to optimize their supply chains by developing and implementing customized transportation solutions including specialized equipment and handling, and integrated technology. Cardinal’s services include dedicated contract carriage, home and jobsite delivery, life sciences logistics, bulk transport, transportation management, supply chain consulting, SaaS solutions, warehousing and distribution to companies like AutoZone, Eastman Kodak Company, KraftMaid Cabinetry and Office Depot.

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